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We are a Gen Z & youth consultancy offering an alternative and fresh perspective to corporates, globally.

a fresh pair of eyes

We provide a whole new outlook on the world, innovative solutions to big problems (some of which you didn't even know existed) and a first hand insight into the future generation of employees, consumers and clients. 

the opportunity cost of not listening!

the size of gen z

Gen Z make up 32% of the global population. Having surpassed millennials in size, they are now the largest generation on the planet. They are also the most tech-savvy generation. They are becoming your next customers, clients and employees. We can support you in understanding the next generation and help you develop strategies to appeal to them.

Social engagement

Gen Z are the most socially conscious generation ever. Diversity & inclusion, environmental sustainability, and social & political engagement are all key drivers as to where the next generation want to work and shop. Failure to understand and engage with Gen Z preferences could result in a significant reduction of your emerging talent pool, long-term reputational damage and a diminishing consumer base.

wellbeing & flexibility

Mental & physical health are significant priorities for Gen Z. Under-provision of wellbeing support, a lack of training and workplace inflexibility all could have adverse effects on your ability to recruit the best talent, reduce the productivity of your employees and in the long-term stunt you company's growth. We can assist you in coming up with creative solutions to prevent this from taking place.

If you don't take our advice you might just end up missing out on the next big opportunity to grow, or worse ceasing to exist in 20 years.

our Core services


Social Media optimisation, technology adaption, brand & PR strategy, emerging talent & employee development strategy, special projects.


Board, C-suite & senior executive advisory, reverse mentoring, generational insight workshops, training sessions, partnerships, D&I, wellbeing. 


Youth engagement, reputation management, environmental, social & policy / political engagement, CSR & Pro Bono development.

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